Do Your Homework

This is the kind of homework you wish you had.

I promise it’s an easy A.

I know things get stupid crazy about now. Turkey day is around the corner. Some of you might be in the throes of stressing your Christmas list. With all the things you think you need to do, here’s something that hopefully won’t melt your brain.

Find some time this weekend to just be. I’m not asking for much. If five minutes are all you can spare, make them as blissed out as you can. Seriously. Don’t roll your eyes. A little chill-out is good for ya. Maybe you give yourself a few moments before you jump out of bed. Meditate on the throne if you have to. Or you zone out while you’re checking out at the store (if it’s a long line). You could jot down notes about a passion project…

All I’m saying is take a minute (or a few) to dream a little. Wish a little. Think about something that puts a smile on your face. Go on. Try it. You might like it. It’s not meant as a cure-all. But if you practice doing it, you may find it a useful addition to the armor you put on when you face your day.

Have a great weekend lovies!

(day 12) a little lightness to balance the earlier post. And just so you know I’m writing this after a frustrating night dealing with some work stuff. So it’s not like I’m floating on a cloud of la-di-da because things are rosy. Still, that pleasant little morsel above came to me.  My moods are funny like that.


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