That Didn’t Happen, This Did: Part II

The Life You Leave Behind If you haven’t read the previous post you may want to start here to read about what happened. If you’re caught up, please continue… Grieving has been a game of cat and mouse. Last month I broke down when it was quiet, usually late at night. It wouldn’t last long. Too much… Read More That Didn’t Happen, This Did: Part II



Don’t know if this is the right direction. And it hurts like I’ve been here before. Walking till there’s separation. Between my heart and yours. These steps have so much history. I don’t know how I could forget. Having me was just a game. A trifle devil’s bet. Possibilities of love. Kisses laced with death. Was… Read More Pacing

The Face Of

I brought back a new little friend that debuted on Instagram for the last week of October. And since it’s basically moi…This is the face we make when the wtf’s have all gone out the window. This is how we look when we are juggling thoughts and deeds. This is the face we’ll make when we… Read More The Face Of