Moving On

The year is truly zooming. For crying out loud, it’s March tomorrow!  So much happened already. This month’s challenge caught me at a time when I really had to think about who to direct this to. Yes, there are unresolved issues. Honestly, and this is not a cop-out, I don’t have time to care. More importantly, for my… Read More Moving On

I’d Love To Hate You But I Have Some Peace In Progress

I confess. During this peace walk, I appeared contented and blissful. However its covered up this side road of bitterness in my heart with family occupying almost every inch of it. For that reason, I knew this challenge would take me a long time to get to. It wasn’t necessarily out of avoidance. I think I had one… Read More I’d Love To Hate You But I Have Some Peace In Progress

A Muse Muses About Love

smile to smile touch to touch tender moments connecting distant stars you brush me like a whisper and your kiss sir leaves me wonder how you knew what i needed i’m dreaming in stop motion paintings colors swirling making pictures breaking rules trembling lips anxious how do i say i love you? when? should words pause this dance? or let silence crush the bud? ♥♥♥♥ Go… Read More A Muse Muses About Love