A Muse Muses About Love

smile to smile touch to touch tender moments connecting distant stars you brush me like a whisper and your kiss sir leaves me wonder how you knew what i needed i’m dreaming in stop motion paintings colors swirling making pictures breaking rules trembling lips anxious how do i say i love you? when? should words pause this dance? or let silence crush the bud? ♥♥♥♥ Go… Read More A Muse Muses About Love

(What’s So) Merry (About This) Go Round?

We take turns. Don’t acknowledge truths. Silence burns. Moving through our lives As two fixed points. Love only in private orbits. A never-ending tale. This Last Every time, Is now. Faces change. Heart remains. Take what you need. Binding soul in chains To this place called longing. Always in the shadows of the other. The unattainable perfect… Read More (What’s So) Merry (About This) Go Round?

Where’s You’re Presence?: A Guide To The Gifts We Forget

It’s that season folks. You didn’t need me telling you this, did you? You were hit with it before Halloween booed, tricked, or treated. The tryptophan barely knocked some of you out before you were out the door for Black Friday. Others were probably eating pie while researching Cyber Monday Deals. Let’s not forget the planning for… Read More Where’s You’re Presence?: A Guide To The Gifts We Forget