A Holiday Party You Don’t Have To Get Dressed Up For

If you’re in the mood for some togetherness without getting gussied up in party gear, you can be in your jammies and have a grand old time. What am I jibber jabbering about?

I’m joining a group who are helping to combat the Christmas blahs. 

Company For Christmas was created as a life line. Not everyone has happy-go-lucky Christmas experiences. Every year many spend the holidays isolated. They wish someone, even if for a moment reached out to say ‘Hey, I see you. It’s alright if you’re not happy but you don’t have to be alone”. The volunteers at Company for Christmas are bloggers, everyday people who understand that we all really kind of want the same thing, to be noticed and have someone listen.

If you have some free time on Christmas and you want to volunteer to chat with anyone who is alone for this holiday season sign up. If you’re returning from last years crowd, you should be able to set up your chat page and add your name to the timetable list. For further info, check out the Info And News links to the right of the C4C page.

If you’d like a friendly ear to wax poetic about whatever, please stop by. Check the timetables to see who’s available to talk during hours that work best for you.


Be safe and know that someone really does care.




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