Horror My Love

Why do I love horror? Because Monstrosity celebrates “imperfection” in a time where we publicly suffocate or shame it.
– Guillermo del Toro

Bouncing off a discussion on horror, I saw this quote on his Twitter

I love this dude.

Guillermo del Toro rocks my horror like no other.

Ya know, it’s interesting how there are more horror movies on after Halloween than during. I mean like the one’s you just know they’ll play at least on the actual day. Like tonight they played ‘The Grudge’. All October, nada. They play it now? Smh.

On a semi-side note, anyone watch ‘The Knick’ on Cinemax? It’s not horror, but oh my goodness some of the stuff that goes on can make you jump back for a second to shake off what you just saw. Tonight’s episode, “Wonderful Surprises”, has a scene that I can’t watch enough times. It’s deliciously sick. I’m a mess. I like gory medical dramas. Plus add the historical aspects. It is also in the vein of celebrating the underbelly of humanity. Ohhh, it makes me giddy.

I’ve already got a list of shows and movies building in my head. Let me stop here before this post turns into a list of faves. Hmm…

Ecchhh 🙂

(day six da da da da done!)


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