This Post Was Interrupted

I had this post all set for ya. I even made notes earlier. Before life and work interrupted, I felt the rhythm of the words. I had enough energy to write without the weight of melancholy. It was about some stuff that happened last year with a ghost from my past. Stuff that kept me silent for so long. I need to be in a certain head space to write about it.

But Saturday, sigh, Saturday was a hell of a day. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic. It dragged. My non caffeinated brain struggled with meditation. Actually, I don’t have coffee until after I meditate. Otherwise I’d be flying more than I already do when I’m not supposed to think. Then work stuff. Then I went to Wally World which is enough to zap energy out of a toddler.

Came home. Did some more work. Finally got some me time. Then I found an image that worked almost as good as the original I deleted (that would’ve been included in the story). But then something (network) decided it wouldn’t let me download the picture. Arrrgghh!

I’ve learned not to push things.

In due time. The words will return.

Till later folks.

(day 7! I actually made it, yay)


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