I Asked And I Received!

About two weeks ago The Great Rarasaur offered to send holiday cards to anyone who submitted their mailing address. My lovely date of birth is fifteen days after Christmas. Honestly, I thought maybe I’d get a Christmas birthday card. And I would have been cool with that.

Merry Christmas from some of my faves!
Merry Christmas from some of my faves!

However, because she is so Rarasaur (as I like to say), I received a Christmas and a birthday card! They were perfect. I mean PERFECT for me. I don’t know how this woman got into my head. You might be wondering why I’m making such a big deal. I already thanked her personally but I wanted to share. Her very generous and magical nature made my day. So let me stop rambling and get to it! 

Basically I had to go out and wasn’t in the mood. Didn’t want to spend money I should probably have used for bills. I was thinking about things I wanted to do for Christmas that I just couldn’t afford. I missed loved ones who are in other states and countries. It was basically the groundwork for a crummy holiday shopping/errand running experience. Not to mention, I left the house late and would be out during high-tension shopping hours. 

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!

Then I saw the mailman. I waited. I knew what I hoped was there. I opened the door and voilà! Waiting for me were two cards. I just knew they were from Rara. I tore into them like a kid on Christmas. And smiled all the way to the store! Mind you the merriment lagged while I was there. However it returned when I got back home and put them on my wall.

So simple the gesture but it reminded me of how there are real people in the world who do things most of us think about but never get around to doing. Maybe my accolades are a bit much, but things like that go a long way with me. You just don’t see it enough. We write posts for accepting virtual awards. I see no reason not to do the same for someone taking the time out to personalize greetings, sending them in the mail, and using actual stamps. 

T    H    A    N    K        Y    O    U        R    A    R    A    S    A    U    R !!!!!!!!!!!!

Y    O    U        A    R    E        A    W    E    S    O    M    E !!!!!!!

12 thoughts on “I Asked And I Received!

  1. Isn’t that so very sweet! I love Rara, and now she’s sent me to your blog for an explore. Happy late birthday, but then actually, happy birthday month! 🙂

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