Closing Time And The Return Of The Muse!

I’m writing these words for real. I’m not imaging this. Lift your head woman! You can sleep in a bit.

Why am I saying all this?


Oh my God! Santaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! What? Oh sorry, knee jerk reaction to excitement. It’s here. It’s here. It’s here…breathe

It’s fitting that my closing post to what has been an odyssey into my creative mind addresses a question I’ve been asked quite often.

What’s up with the name Glorious Mettle?

Quote from a recent conversation:

With my blog name I thought about how I’m still here creating and eager to do more with my life and be better. So I was like, I do have quite the mettle going on and I guess it could be considered glorious. It’s one of the few times I’ve embraced my name. I haven’t been too keen on it in the past.

That pretty much sums it up. Life doesn’t keep me down for long because something in me won’t rest. I guess I’ll know where that driving force leads me when the time comes. So it’s fitting I’ve have a name I feel I need to live up to. I’m meeting the challenge one word, one thought, one creative outlet at a time. And more importantly I do it with love.

For everyone who participated in NaBloPoMo; we did it y’all! Congratulations! Thank you to all who took time out of their own schedules to read and/or comment. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Image © GHOOD + Glorious Mettle


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