And Just Like That She Was Gone

You know that nagging feeling you get when someone continuously crosses your mind? Last week I read Kozo’s post that linked to one Rarasaur wrote. I went on to read Rarasaur’s post…and I stared at the screen for a looooooong time. Rara’s going where? Why? I was just reading her stuff and looking at cards… Read More And Just Like That She Was Gone


Moving On

The year is truly zooming. For crying out loud, it’s March tomorrow!  So much happened already. This month’s challenge caught me at a time when I really had to think about who to direct this to. Yes, there are unresolved issues. Honestly, and this is not a cop-out, I don’t have time to care. More importantly, for my… Read More Moving On

I’d Love To Hate You But I Have Some Peace In Progress

I confess. During this peace walk, I appeared contented and blissful. However its covered up this side road of bitterness in my heart with family occupying almost every inch of it. For that reason, I knew this challenge would take me a long time to get to. It wasn’t necessarily out of avoidance. I think I had one… Read More I’d Love To Hate You But I Have Some Peace In Progress

A Muse Muses About Love

smile to smile touch to touch tender moments connecting distant stars you brush me like a whisper and your kiss sir leaves me wonder how you knew what i needed i’m dreaming in stop motion paintings colors swirling making pictures breaking rules trembling lips anxious how do i say i love you? when? should words pause this dance? or let silence crush the bud? ♥♥♥♥ Go… Read More A Muse Muses About Love